The White Helmets – Charity Organization

  • Role Asset Collector - UX/UI Designer
  • Timeline 5 Days
  • Type Academic - Non-profit Organization
  • Team Alexandra Mozgovaya, Maude Guevara, John Otto

Creating a prototype for a mobile website that promotes The White Helmets, a Syrian non-profit organization, and its ongoing rescue operations in Turkey and Syria after the earthquakes that occurred in February 2023 is essential. The prototype should focus on providing users with clear information about the organization’s mission, objectives, and relief operations. Additionally, the website’s design and layout should be straightforward, user-friendly, and optimized for mobile devices. The content of the website should emphasize the organization’s message and progress, along with an option to donate to support the cause. It is crucial to test the website’s functionality and gather feedback from users to enhance their experience.

Many people lost their lives in the earthquake in Turkey. The White Helmets is a volunteer search and rescue organization, the donation section on the website was complicated and it can make this donation part very difficult, especially for mobile users, and people can stop donating. Redesigned for mobile. Care was taken to keep the donation part very simple, a single-page design was made. Worked as a group project with other 3 colleagues


Non-Profit Donations

  • Only 1 out of 6 website visitors make a donation
  • 28% of all donations to nonprofit organizations are made on the mobile device


  • Donation websites can be difficult to trust.
  • The donation process is too cumbersome.
  • Choosing which charity or cause to donate to is emotionally driven.


  • Donation websites can be difficult to trust.
  • The donation process is too cumbersome.
  • Choosing which charity or cause to donate to is emotionally driven.

Designing delightful experiences through user interviews

Creative Process

Key Findings


  • People are more likely to make recurring payments when they believe in the cause.
  • It is important for people to see the organization’s credentials and outcomes from donations in order to build trust and donate.
  • People are more likely to make donations when the process is as easy as possible.

People are more likely to make a donation to causes with which they feel a personal connection.


Bringing user needs to life through persona


“How might we spark compassion in people and raise awareness for the earthquakes in Turkey & Syria in order to maximize contributions?”

Exploration Sketches

Before moving on to low-fi design, we decided what kind of design and how we would appeal to the user by making exploratory drawings.


Visual and emotional representation of a company or product within a user interface


Usability Test Feedback


  • The landing page needed to be clearer, add more information on White Helmets
  • Be consistent with font sizes and headers 


  • Use more screen real estate 
  • Add a legend
  • Change info from # of casualties to the geographic area


  • Add explanation for recurring donation
  • Add detailed confirmation screen
  • Making input fields less busy
  • Making fonts consistent

Key Findings

  • When making high fi prototypes we have to use the native design elements for social media and payment options.
  • Using the auto layout, frames, color/paragraph styles, and components is best practice.
  • Work non-destructively, copy work before deleting.

Next Steps

  • Making a horizontal orientation for the mobile site. 
  • Use elements from the mobile site to build a full website.
  • Add more impactful content to make users more empathetic.